Q. What apps are available on the store

A. Currently, Mova Store has over 5,000 apps and we are still growing in numbers. From popular apps to even exotic apps.

Q. What makes Movastore different from PlayStore?

A. You will not be region locked. This means you will be able to download apps that are not available in your region.

Q. Are you planning to list paid apps for free?

A. No. We do not support piracy. Only free apps will be listed and we will rotate the premium apps that are available for exchange. Alternatively, please submit an email for the app that you wish to exchange.

Q. Why should we download from Movastore?

A. It's entirely up to you which store you choose to download from. Here at Movastore, we pride ourselves for having a gamified AppStore that allows users to redeem Premium Apps for free.

Q. Are you competing with Google PlayStore?

A. No, we are not competing with Google PlayStore. We are simply providing an alternative platform for users to download apps without the fear of Geographical Restrictions. We aim to be the number one PlayStore alternative.

Q. Can I list my app here?

Yes! Most definitely you can list your apps here. Email us at marketing@movastore.com for more info.